Monday, June 1, 2009

Sale on Kraft mac n cheese and capri suns

Albertsons is having a great deal right now... but it ends tomorrow!!! They have a big display by the dairy area... buy one get one free 5pk Kraft mac n cheese with a coupon on each pkg for a free 10pk sunrise capri sun (also when you check out, it will print you a $2.00 coupon for your next shopping trip!!) So really this is like getting 10pks of Mac n cheese and 2 10 pks of Capri sun for only $3.59..... amazing deal!!


  1. My experience in storing boxed items such as Mac and Cheese has been bad. The weevils bore right through the cardboard and make a huge mess of your storage. It's really disheartening when you find a shelf full of storage items all ruined.

  2. these items are definitely for using with in the year.... I find it is best to stock up on sale items and use them... rotating as you go, and using by expiration dates.